The Plot Lounge



  1. BulletWhat is it?

A foreign rights agency dedicated to finding publishers overseas for books by Australian authors. We’re currently only working with existing projects. 

  1. BulletWhat isn’t it?

An agency that represents authors directly, and as The Plot Lounge is a foreign rights agency, not a literary agency, we also don’t respond to enquires or submissions from authors. Such emails are immediately deleted. Sorry.

If you are an Australian author and you want to know more about different local and international publishing options a good place to start is the Writers’ Centre in your state.

  1. BulletWhat do we do?

We work with literary agencies to find authors appropriate publishers in a range of different markets from Iceland to Ireland, France to Finland - so we’re an agents’ agency, if you like.

  1. BulletWho’s behind it?

The Plot Lounge is owned and managed by Airlie Lawson, a licensing specialist with over fifteen years’ experience in the book publishing industry in Australia and internationally.

Airlie is also the author of a novel set in the publishing world, Don’t Tell Eve (Vintage/Random House), chosen as a Women’s Weekly ‘Great Read’, and is working on a PhD about Australian novels and the 21st century global marketplace.

  1. BulletGetting in touch

info at theplotlounge dot com